Specialised Casting Processes for various applications

Sand Casting

MIC has one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated Special Steel and Alloy Steel Casting & Precision Valve manufacturing plants manufacturing specialized castings and high precision valves for the Oil & Gas Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and Steel Industries as well as for Refineries.

The in-house foundry is automatic with indigenous and imported equipment such as continuous moulding line, Heat Treatment and shot Blasting machines with in house destructive & non-destructive testing facilities such as Spectro, Radiography, Impact, MPI etc. as well as large CNC lathes, CNC Drilling, Radial Drilling and seal welding Machines.

The plant is well balanced making it modern & pollution free. We manufacture valves of carbon steel, stainless steel and other special alloy casting and these are exported to international customers including end users.

The complete manufacturing operation including that of the foundry has strict quality control under TQM and is coordinated by QC / QA professionals.

Stringent quality control and testing procedures are maintained in compliance with API 600, API 598, API 6A, API 6D and other relevant ANSI, ASTM, BS and MSS standards.

Manufacturing Facilities of Sand Casting

Designing & Pattern Making
We have CAD CAM Software giving foolproof methods for designing and patterns, a well equipped Pattern Shop and Ancillaries for making Wooden, Metallic and Shell Patterns.
Melting Shop
A Battery of Medium Frequency Induction Furnaces of 3.5 tons, 2 tons and 1.5 tons capacity for Sand Castings and 1 ton and 0.5 ton capacity Induction Furnaces for Shell Molded Castings.
Molding Shop
We have semi-automated and fully automated state of the art No-bake molding line to produce excellent quality of castings with higher productivity. We can produce flask less molds in our fully automatic no-bake molding line. We have sand mixer plant having capacity of 80 Tons per Hour and 60 Tons per Hour respectively. We also have sand reclamation plant which can reclaim sand at a rate of 30 tons per hour capacity. We also have 18"x27" and 24"x30" Shell Molding machines for Shell Molded Castings. Additionally we also have a fully equipped Core shop with Electric Core Oven having Digital Temperature control system. Our cores are manufactured by No-bake and Shell Process.
Fettling Shop
Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame Grinders with facilities for welding AC and DC with pre-heating arrangement; Air Arc Gouging and Shot Blasting facilities. Hydraulic Press for straightening of castings.
Heat Treatment
For Heat Treatment we have a battery of Gas fired furnaces having capacities of up to 7 tons per charge and a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C with an arrangement of automatic multipoint temperature recording of various zones of each furnace. We also have facilities for Water Quenching and Polymer Quenching. We aim at maintaining Temperature Uniformity of our Austenitizing furnaces within ±14° C and Tempering furnaces within ±8° C, conforming to AMS 2750 standard.