Quality Precision Investment Casting Solutions


Metal-i-Cast has world class infrastructure with Highly mechanized and versatile foundry, state-of-the-art Machine shop with large scale process capability and sophisticated testing lab to produce high quality precision Investment Casting Components.

For Manufacturing we have
  • Centrally air-conditioned well equipped Wax Pattern Shop, with Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Wax Injection Presses.
  • Centrally air-conditioned and humidity controlled Shell Room with modern equipment for building strong shells using Colloidal Silica and Ethyl Silicate slurry systems, and highly reliable Boiler clave for de-waxing.
  • Melting Shop for high frequency Induction Melting Furnaces of 300 Kg. capacity, and Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces.
  • Fettling Shop with Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame Grinders with facilities for Abrasive Cutting, TIG Welding, Ceramic Blasting & Shot Blasting, Straightening with Hydraulic Presses etc.
  • Heat Treatment facility with a battery of Atmosphere controlled furnaces, Muffle Furnaces, Forced Air Circulated Tempering Furnaces and Induction Hardening machines for a variety of heat treatment operations like Normalizing, Annealing, Stress Relieving, Solutionising, Hardening, Case Hardening, Tempering, Induction Hardening, Surface Hardening etc.
  • In-house Machine Shop plus Dedicated Ancillaries for precision machining with conventional and CNC machines like Turning, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, Milling, Broaching, Honing, Grinding & Tapping.
  • Tool Room which includes Spark Erosion Machine and well developed ancillaries, for making precision Dies and Tooling with multiple cavities using CNC machines.
For Quality Control we have
  • Well equipped Chemical Laboratory with Spectrometer for analyzing all chemical elements.
  • Physical Testing Laboratory with Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine and Machines to measure Brinnell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness.
  • Metallographic Laboratory featuring Metallurgical microscope with arrangements for photomicrography, micro-hardness testing and Image Analyzing.
  • Air-conditioned and fully equipped Standards Room with Carl Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine for dimensional checking of machined and unmachined castings as well as Tools.
  • Wax Testing & Development Laboratory for development & process control of pattern waxes.
  • Shell Testing Laboratory for checking ceramic and refractory materials, process control and development of shelling systems including Modulus of Rupture testing.
  • Non-Destructive Testing facilities for Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Inspection, together with well developed recognized ancillary facilities for Radiography.